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Early Illness Detection

Improving Feed Efficiency

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DairyX by FoodFul

The world's most adaptable and accurate cloud-based monitoring system for dairy cows.

Early Illness Detection

Visual inspection is the common practice of illness detection at dairy farms but even for a highly trained individual, subtle signs of cow sickness are easily overlooked. DairyX makes subtle irregular behaviors of cows more apparent and makes the process of detection more accurate at real time through cloud-based 24 hour monitoring system.


Feed Efficiency Monitoring

More than 50% of production cost is accounted to feed cost. DairyX monitors each cow’s amount of feed intake which allows herd managers and nutritionists to formulate better diet to meet the cow’s nutritional requirements. Utilizing our product can increase your cow’s feed efficiency up to 10% and save you thousands of dollars monthly in feed cost.


Automated Tracking

DairyX replaces your daily cow monitoring routine with 24/7 automated tracking to give you peace of mind. Our live feed of data gives you more power and control of your farm. You will be instantly notified on your phone if there are irregular cow behaviors. Quick and simple!


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Adaptable Sensors For Monitoring System

Cloud Platform Displays Insights From The Recorded Data

Improve Milk Production

Improving detection means identifying cows with better lactation. Breeding cows with better lactation means higher profits for your dairy farm!

Collect Insightful Data

Obtain data on feeding and sleeping durations to better understand the health status and feed efficiency of the cows.

Cloud-Based IoT Systems

Our technology leverages cloud computing to store and access data! This way, our product gives you access to the most up-to-date information.

Greater Profit Margins

Reduce feed costs and save money through reduced treatment costs, reduced labor costs, and increased feed efficiency.

Efficient Management

DairyX keeps track of your herd 24/7. Automating the process will allow you to reduce operational and labor costs.

Real-Time Insights

Visualize and track individual cow information in real-time to best analyze data regarding your herd.


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