General Questions

What is FoodFul?

FoodFul merges digital technology with traditional agriculture by developing a cloud-based monitoring system that helps dairy farmers identify which cows are profitable through analyzing feed efficiency and health status.

What is DairyX?

DairyX is a cloud-based monitoring system that uses sensors to help dairy farmers identify the most profitable cows in the herd.

Who is DairyX made for?

DairyX is developed for dairy farmers with free-stall barns who are interested in using technology to optimize milk production, minimize cow disease incidence and make accurate management decisions.

What makes DairyX unique?

Currently, a scalable commercial product that accurately measures the amount of individual cow feed intake, the time individual cow spent at the feed bunk, or the time individual cow spent laying down, does not exist. Products in the market attempt to measure only one of these important data points when trying to detect the early onset of illnesses or feed efficiency.


What is the problem?

The dairy industry has made significant progress in improving milk production efficiency. Ironically, though farmers are able to produce more milk with less cows, their net income over feed cost has been in the negative for the past five years (e.g. -14% in 2018). This is largely due to dairy farmers lack a procedure to monitor individual cows’ feed intake and health status. Without the data, breeding, and thus, profits are determined by pure observations.

What does DairyX do?

DairyX accurately and affordably monitor individual cows and provide farmers four key benefits: 1) early illness detection to reduce the use of antibiotics, 2) improvement in individual cow feed efficiency and provide farmers feed cost on a per cow basis, 3) remote access to the herd records in real time, and 4) it ultimately enhances the genetic pool of their herds.

How can I get DairyX on my farm?

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